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Two lifelong friends with a passion for exotic places and most of all, food. Together we want to make people enjoy their food and life to the fullest and we believe our MAWRI products are the perfect tool to reach that goal.


After successfully launching the well-known MAWRI Sweet Granola, we added 4 more flavours and a range of food related products such as coconut bowls, bamboo straws, net bags, and much more. Why? Because we want to make your food look good!


Barbara Mertens, founder and owner: A 27 year old dietician, who lost her heart in Bali and can’t choose who she loves more: her boyfriend or her cat Bobbie. We asked her why she started MAWRI: “I noticed my clients had a hard time finding a tasty AND healthy breakfast cereal that fits into a healthy lifestyle. I often told them to make their own granola but at one point I figured, I should create a delicious, homemade and healthy granola. That’s where it all started”.

Charlotte van Bladel, owner: A 26 year old communication expert who loves to scroll through Instagram and Pinterest from the moment she wakes up. Why she joined the MAWRI team? “Barbara and I talked about MAWRI hours and hours a day, at one point she asked me to join her and I immediately said yes. We’re both very aware of what we are good at and we know that together we make a great team. Oh, and also we share a huge love for food!”


We hope you enjoy our delicious, healthy and homemade granola flavours and that you think of us whenever you use one of our coconut bowls.



Team Mawri


Aarschotsesteenweg 724

3012 Wilsele


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